The Lobby is more than a performance, it’s an experience! The Media Block provides a intimate ambiance for artists to connect with their audience on a personal level. Whether you’re there to entertain or to be entertained, the Lobby will provide a sense of clarity to the world of music through the eyes of Houston’s most innovative artists on a humanistic level. No glitz, no glam, just music.



Skyline Entertainment

Skyline Entertainment is Houston’s premiere independent label founded by native vocalist, Allie. Established in 2014, Skyline is trailblazing lanes for the city’s unknown gems, innovators and masterminds in the world of music. With an underlying love of soul and respect for the future, the goals of Skyline are to provide a safe haven for artists to learn and experience the obstacles and triumphs of being an independent artist with full authority. We live by our mission: Developing artists, yielding creative control.

Artist of the Month

Who is Troy Leonardo?

Troy Leonardo is an amazing artist, who projects strong, soulful vocals combined with the musical prowess reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. Leonardo has the ability to take you on a journey with original masterpieces that can paint nostalgic portraits on anyone’s subconcious.

Troy has been influenced by many of the best in the music industry such as Led Zeppelin, Parliament and the Funkadelics, Guns and Roses, Prince, Duke Ellington, Kanye West and many other great names. Audiences can’t help but to experience the greatness of all these legends in the artistry of this Houston heavyweight. A dual artist in his own right, Troy Leonardo is trailblazing a new lane in the city, and we’re definitley along for the ride!