Artist of the Month

Blaze X Black is a hip hop/rock duo from Houston, TX. They have established a firm local fan base in the city and its surrounding areas. Their awe-inspiring shows and signature sound is elevated by their live performance band, The Artthrobs. They are no strangers to hard work and as you can tell from the accolades listed below, Blaze x Black has acquired a respectable and marketable brand.
Rick Blaze and Bishop V. Black are a great combination of suave and eccentric. Fusing hip hop, rock and soul together to provide a sonically pleasant plethora of hits that is an acquired taste, nonetheless, pleasing! It is evident that they’ve been inspired by great minds such as Outkast and N.E.R.D; however, the duo is able to keep their own style as a musical priority.
“We believe our collaboration with the right team can provide the platform needed to showcase to the world, the rising stars we truly are.”
-Rick Blaze x Bishop V. Black


– 2016 Houston Press “Band of the Year”
– Official SUPERBOWL 51 2017 performers
– House of Blues residency
– August 4th proclaimed as “BLAZE X BLACK DAY” in the city of Houston
-Sponsorship with Essentia Water.
-Sponsorship with Jameson Whiskey
-Sponsorship with Pit Viper sunglasses